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August 6, 2010
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A Death The Kid One Shot

A Death The Kid One Shot

"Class, we have a new student"

I waited nervously outside my new class room waiting for stein sensei to call me in. It was the deciding moment when I would meet my new classmates and they could decide whether to love or hate me.

"Hannah Chan, you can come in now"

I took a brave breath in and marched in, eyes darting around the room looking at all the new faces. Stein sensei twisted that screw in his head, each click making me cringe. We wernt exactly human but I was still sure he should not have been alive with that thing through his skull. He twiddled a cigarette in his fingers and waved to the board.

"Please write your name on the board, and then I will tell you where you're sitting."

I grabbed a piece of chalk from his desk and slowly began to scrawl out my name, trying my best to keep my hand writing readable.

I Z U Z I, H A N N A H

I turned back to the gawking eyes of the class and bowed making sure to wipe out the wrinkles in my dress. A high pitched squeal erupted from one my new class mates. He was a boy wearing a black suit, with white stripes in one side of his hair.


And he was bowing at my feet, crying his eyes out.

"Such beautiful symmetry! I am not worthy! Your clothes, your hair, your very name is perfect symmetry!

I looked horrified at him, partly at what he was doing and partly because no one else seemed to be effected by it. Like it wasnt even happening. He began touching up my shoes, whimpering to himself about the symmetry, then up to my dress cooing at the perfect stripes on it. He looked up at me tears still in his eyes.
I stepped back cautiously; I looked over at stein sensei who was sat there smoking.

"Erm stein sensei! Is this supposed to be happening?"

Stein sensei sighed and rolled around on a wheely chair. He stopped beside the crazy boy, who was still sobbing at my 'symmetrical glory' and pulled him back by his collar.

"Come on Kid its her first day. You can worship her after class."

'Kid' whined struggled away from stein's grip. His hands rose up and landed on my chest. I felt him give both sides a good squeeze before swooning again.

"Ah such symmetry!"

My jaw dropped along with most of the classes. I pulled my hand back and his face was yanked out of my reach just before it could come into contact with his cheek. I covered my chest with my arms and glared at him. Two girls had jumped over and were holding him back. One was blonde and the other a sandy brown. They sort of reminded me of cowboys, the blonde giggled and held down kid while the sandy brown walked over with an apologetic look.

"we're sorry, he's insane. Its just how he is."

I nodded at her and eased my tense stance. Stein sensei rolled back over spouting smoke.

"ok that was fun. Now we should get back to lesson."

I gave him a sour look. As a teacher he should have at least said something about what had just happened. He span around on his chair again.

"Now if you would please take your seat...2nd row, 4th to the right. We can start the dissection before the bell rings."

I scurried away from both my insane teacher and Kid who was still struggling against the cow girls. I hurried over to my new place and the girl sitting next to my spot offered a sympathetic smile.

"Im sorry about Kid Kun, he may be eccentric but he's very nice."

Eccentric. Thats a nice way of putting it. Id still go for freaking nuts, technically I just got groped by the creep. The girl introduced herself as Tsubaki and the boy beside her jumped over literally screaming his name in my ear.

"YOHOOO!!! I'm black star! The man who will surpass god!"

I nodded and smiled not giveing him any reason to say anything else. Were all the boys in this class insane?

"such beautiful symmetry!"

I screamed and scrambled about, nearly falling into Tsubaki's lap. That weirdo Kid was sitting next me with hearts in his eyes. I stood up using one hand to keep Kid at a distance.

"Stein sensei! Can you tell this zebra headed freak to get back to his seat?"

Kid gasped in horror and tackled me sending us both onto Tsubaki. Dramatic tears ran down his face and nuzzled his nose into my stomach.


I could feel his tears start to soak through my dress and I tried pushing him off me. After a few minutes it seemed like he just wasnt going to be forced to move. So I just shifted in my seat so I was no longer nearly in Tsubaki's lap. The taller of the cow girls sighed and gave me an apologetic look.

"Im sorry about him, he's got a thing for symmetry. Im Liz Thompson and this is my sister Patty. We're pretty much his keepers. I wish I could give you some encouraging words right now but it looks like he's fixated on you."

I sighed and patted Kids head.

"Really I never would have guessed. Actually it is a little surprising considering half his hair has stripes and the other half doesn't"

I felt him groan against my stomach and he lifted his head up. Tears were still running down his cheeks and now his nose was starting to run.  I pushed against his forehead to make sure he didn't wipe his nose on my dress.

"I am not worthy!"

I finally managed to get him upright in his own chair. I rubbed his back while Liz patted his shoulder. Patty just leaned over and poked his head giggling away. We finally coaxed him into calming down and looked up at patty.

"So he's always like this?"

Both Liz and Patty nodded. I got up and scooched past them all so I could make a quick tissue run to the bathroom.


Someone, like I couldn't guess who collided into my back and sent us both tumbling to the floor. He nuzzled his cheek against mine and started cooing about my symmetry. I struggled to get away from him but he just held on for dear life. I looked at Stein sensei, Tsubaki and Liz for at least some concern but they all just continued like it was nothing.


Death The Kid :3

-This work has not been seen by my Beta-

Next ---> [link]
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