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A Whole New Game-HP Story- 4
I could feel the words coming up my throat but they turned into back into hot air as they passed my lips. The giant shifted uncomfortably. I was staring; I knew I was but I couldn't stop. I had never seen another person then my grandmother and now I was being bombarded with people that looked like they shouldn't have been possible.
A few unintelligible squeaks came out as I was still trying to speak. Firenze took pity on me and spoke for me.
"I found this human almost a mile deep in the Forbidden Forest. All by herself."
He put extra emphasis on the fact he had found me alone and leaned forward as best he could. His voice lowered to the point I had to strain to make out what he was saying,
"She seemed far too shocked to see me Hagrid. And she didn't even know what to call me. She also says she is unfamiliar with you headmaster, do you think she could be..."
Could be what? The feeling of unrest that had been churning my stomach since I had woken to an empty house intensified to the poin
:iconmugiwara-chanx:Mugiwara-ChanX 2 1
Sleep Walking: Death The Kid
"Hannah chan?"
"Hannah chan?"
"Hannah chan?"
"Hannah chan?"
I could feel the feint pulsing of a vein on my forehead; why I let this one boy cause me so much grief, I had no idea. We were both sitting in my living room with cups of tea, the steam slowly rising up and curling under our chins. I was in my grey baggy pajama's sitting in the single seat, cup raised to my lips and legs folded over neatly. While he was slightly slouched on my sofa in a set of very rumpled black and white striped pajama's, holding a tea towel up to his bloody nose and lightly tracing his fingers over his blackening eye.
It stayed silent between us as my eyes switched from glaring at him, to the large clock hanging on my wall; the large letter 3 constantly reminding me what time he had decided to pull his most recent insane stunt. I leant over slightly and placed my cup onto the table that separated us. I had finally, after 10 minutes of silent thinking, come up with the best way to express my concerns about wh
:iconmugiwara-chanx:Mugiwara-ChanX 53 41
Jokers And Harley Quinns by Mugiwara-ChanX Jokers And Harley Quinns :iconmugiwara-chanx:Mugiwara-ChanX 22 14 One Piece Group Shot No.2 by Mugiwara-ChanX One Piece Group Shot No.2 :iconmugiwara-chanx:Mugiwara-ChanX 7 7 Deadpool by Mugiwara-ChanX Deadpool :iconmugiwara-chanx:Mugiwara-ChanX 3 1
A Whole New Game-HP Story- 3
(Links to previous chapters and the next are in the description.)
At first I couldn't hear anything but the fast drumming of my heartbeat beating in my ears. Everything was moving so fast that my eyes couldn't keep up; everything was just blurring together in a grey mess. It was so strange, I could feel the harsh wind blowing my hair up and the force of the air making my eyes water but it didn't feel anything like falling. There wasn't even that lurching feeling in my stomach like when I went upstairs in the dark and thought one more stair was there when it wasn't. My mind wondered back to the house just before I had left, replaying the moment the door blew open over and over again. Who were those men? And why had they broken in to my house? I suddenly became aware of sound returning to my ears; just like the scenery all the sounds of everything I was passing all jumbled together into one piercing scream. I clenched my eyes shut to stop them from drying out and because the scream was a
:iconmugiwara-chanx:Mugiwara-ChanX 3 3
A Whole New Game-HP Story- 2
(Links to previous chapters and the next are in the description.)
I woke up to the familiar strained feeling of my eyes still able to sense the light even from behind their lids. I stretched my arms and legs slowly and I recognised the rougher texture of my normal clothes scratching my skin. I must have just crashed on my bed and fallen asleep yesterday.
I sat up slowly and rubbed the stray bits of sleep from the corners of my eyes, waiting for my vision to focus. I could see from the light coming in through the window that it was early morning, so I got up and gave my body one final big stretch before heading down the stairs. Nana was surely back by now; considering how early I went to sleep yesterday I probably missed her return. I could already imagine her standing in the kitchen and cooking a hearty breakfast. So I ran down the stairs and burst through the kitchen doorway, a big grin ready on my face.
But the kitchen was empty. The dishes from yesterday were still there, the cupboa
:iconmugiwara-chanx:Mugiwara-ChanX 1 9
A Whole New Game-Harry Potter-
(Links to previous chapters and the next are in the description.)
"Georgia! Stop playing about and go collect the eggs!"
My body tensed for a moment as my grandmother's irritated voice broke my concentration. I watched as the forks I had been focused on keeping afloat wobbled in mid air and crashed to floor, making me flinch at the sound of metal hitting and scratching against stone.
I had been found out. My grandmother was standing in the doorway to the kitchen holding a worn wicker basket under her arm. I uncrossed my legs and slid from my position on the sofa, my legs wobbling slightly after being sat on for so long.
"Nana, do I have to? You saw me I'm getting really good at levitation. I just need a little more practise and I'll be able to start trying heavier things."
She narrowed her eyes at me causing the few wrinkles around her eyes to become more defined. I often wondered if other people's grandparents were like this. My grandmother was 62 yet she still stood straight as a boa
:iconmugiwara-chanx:Mugiwara-ChanX 2 2
Harry Potter Story Idea?
Georgia has grown up with magic all her life...on a farm in the middle of no where with just her grandmother and no contact to any other magic folk. Her grandmother wont even let her get a wand!
But when her grandmother disappears and strange cloaked men suddenly show up with their wands aimed at her, she has no choice but to take her broom and what little wandless magic she has and try and find the one place her grandmother always told her to go if she got into trouble.
:iconmugiwara-chanx:Mugiwara-ChanX 1 3
Superiority Complex -Draco-
"And then she started going on about how I was saying the spell wrong! Oh Ron! It's Lei-OH-sah, not levio-sah!"
"Well I was right wasn't I? Pronunciation can mean the difference between a powerful incantation and a disfiguring back fire. And it was certainly a good thing that I was! Lords knows what would have happened if the spell had back fired! We all probably would have been killed by that mountain troll!"
"Yeah but we weren't! Me and Harry saved you and everything worked out fine!"
"Yes, it all ended well but being honest Ron if you hadn't of upset me in the first place I never would have been in the girl's bathroom when that troll appeared and you wouldn't have had to save me by using my correction to your mispronunciation of that spell."
Ron simply let his head smash into the wood of the table, his hands clamping over his ears. I tried to shove down my grin as best I could but it was rare that Hermione and Ron had one of their 'love spats ' so out in the open like this. And sadi
:iconmugiwara-chanx:Mugiwara-ChanX 12 10
Co-Dependant -Percy Weasley-
"Percy! Will you help me with my Herbology work?"
"Percy? Why isn't this spell working?"
"Percy? Do you wanna go to Hogsmeade with me? We can finish our homework later!"
"Percy, what would I do without you?"
What indeed. Sometimes I wondered what Gods I had offended to be saddled with the most hopeless and co-dependent witch in my school.
Jane Arquette.
I rubbed my temples at the thought of the brainless brunette. She was like my polar opposite.
She never planned ahead, she was an appalling scholar, she procrastinated like crazy and then begged me to help her and she had about as much ambition as a loaf of my mother's homemade bread. And nearly every moment I spent with her was either me trying to get her to work or her trying to get me to leave mine.
But she was my best friend all the same.
Nearly all of my brothers teasing was based around the fact that I had managed to acquire what was basically their female counter part as my closest friend.
I knew she would cause me nothing but tr
:iconmugiwara-chanx:Mugiwara-ChanX 9 1
Superior -Draco Malfoy-
Superior [Draco Malfoy ]
"It's disgusting how you let yourself be seen with those blood traitors and that mudblood Granger!"
I gave a sour look to my text book as an all too familiar blonde sat down beside me. I gently folded the book shut and turned my attention to the distasteful look on his face; propping my head up on the table.
"Yes Draco, it's such a shame that not all of the upper class is as small minded as you and your family."
He scowled at me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders purposely to irritate me. I tried to shrug him off but that only encouraged him to dig his fingers into my shoulder blade. His little visits were becoming more frequent and even more annoying. Whenever I found a spare moment to get some extra studying done or even on the way to classes I didn't have with my friends he would just waltz up and make pathetic small talk.
He glared at me and retracted his arm from my shoulders. I ignored his look and opened my study book again. Before he so rudely inter
:iconmugiwara-chanx:Mugiwara-ChanX 12 18
Sweet Things -George Weasley-
"Go on mate, out snack boxes will get you out of every test, class and boring school event you want! Just 4 galleons and it's yours!"
"Well hello ladies, come have a look at our love potions! Guaranteed to nab you a fella just in time for Valentine's Day! "
"Come for all your... 'Practical' needs at Weasleys' wizard wheezes! "
I could hear the calls from a familiar pair of red headed twins even from my shop across the street. In all honestly the constant screaming and sound effects from various tricks and spells going on all day had been irritating from the very first day the shop had opened.  But what was there to do? It was a joke store. Every inch of it built specifically to rile up the mischievousness of everyone who entered.
I personally had never been in; I was far too busy running my own store. My name was Alice McKinley and I ran Alice's wonderland cake emporium. The dumb name wasn't my idea, I came from a long line of strange bakers and my parents, nor I for that mat
:iconmugiwara-chanx:Mugiwara-ChanX 32 23
Request - 12 - 'Mori' Part One
"Brin! Come on, focus! Your form is so sloppy! And watch you footwork!"
Brin stopped mid and tore of her mask. It had been like this for weeks. She had worked so hard to get into a decent kendo club, but now; her skills apparently weren't up to her ambitions. She wiped the sweat for her forehead and let the tip of her shinai rest against the wooden floors. When she had finally gotten in to the group her skills had immediately improved. But now, things were at a standstill and her Sensei was only patient to a certain point.
She turned towards the disappointed look of her Sensei, rolling eyes at snide remarks and sympathetic looks from the other members. Why should she care what they think? Whether their opinions about her were nice or not? They were just her peers, the only opinion that mattered was that of her Sensei's, and the scowl etched onto her aged face did not promise a good review.
Mrs Hasigawa had been a kendo teacher for 10 years and a recognised master for 40. She ran the mo
:iconmugiwara-chanx:Mugiwara-ChanX 3 1
Drabble Series:02-DeathTheKid-
"Hannah my angel, one more time, please!"
I gave him a sour look and got into position for possibly the 50th time. I was supposed to be packing but he was refusing to let me get on with anything until he was 'ready to be without my glorious symmetry'. I was going to visit a sick relative for a week, it was only 7 days! Or his own words,
7 hellish days
168 mind numbing hours
10080 gruelling minutes
And 604800 choking seconds.
It was times like these when I wondered why I put myself through this torture for him. I narrowed my eyes at him and yanked at his collar so his face came close to mine.
"FINE!  One more!"
I snatched the camera from his hands and pressed my lips his angling the camera's position just right before closing my eyes and letting the flash go off. I pulled back and shoved the camera back into his hands, turning towards my bedroom to finally start packing.
"HANNAH, we're not symmetrical!.......we need to do it again."
:iconmugiwara-chanx:Mugiwara-ChanX 5 5
Drabble Series: 01 -Gaara-
It was such an odd experience.
The villagers talked and whispered snide and disgusted comments in our direction, while still trying to pass their words off as mindless morning chatter.
Every morning during this odd experience I tried to force their hurtful words out of my mind but I still gave disappointed looks to the people who made sure we could hear them. I bit my lip and closed my eyes, keeping my head pointed down hoping it would at least hide the hurt in my eyes.
"Sorameia, why do you look at the ground?"
I forced a happy look on my face and turned to face him. I had known this man since my childhood and to me he still looked exactly the same. Fuzzy red hair, light green eyes outlined with thick black and the unmistakable red kanji engraved into his forehead. I would never dare say it to his face but he would always be adorable to my eyes, no matter what.
"It's nothing Kazekage-sama, I am just noticing the many patterns of cracks in the road."
He stopped abruptly and I slowly be
:iconmugiwara-chanx:Mugiwara-ChanX 1 0






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Favourite genre of music: Anime Openings!
Favourite style of art: Manga
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Hello hello ^^

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 18, 2011, 1:38 PM
Hello humans. Just a few boring updates for those of you who care to read my journals.

At the moment I have no plans at all for writing anything so no one shots or chapters of a whole new game for a while. And in other Harry potter related news now that my nans died we've realised that she had duplicates of the harry potter books so now I have 3 copies of order of the phoenix XD But hey, I'm not complaining.

In other news, Ive started drawing again. After 3 years I've had a sudden urge to give it another go and now I'm just drawing constantly and doing stuff I was too chicken to when I was learning before. Before I always gave up half way through and wasn't very brave with body positions. So now I'm completing something no matter how wrong its going and trying what ever weird body position I can think of.

I'll do a comparison thing showing something I drew in 2008 to something ive drawn recently... at some point XD

ummmmm what else?

I'm currently in love with the soul eater manga but I only have volumes 1 to 6 and moneys very tight at the moment. Lemme break it down.

On average I get paid £380 a month.

£150 I give to my mum for rent. = £230

£20 for my phone contract. = £210

£20 for my savings. = £190

£40 for my gym membership (England is to bi polar with its weather to exercise outside.) = £150

And I am now learning how to drive a car and a 2 hour lesson costs £42 so looks like I'll be having 1 lesson a month XD

I need another job.

So thats about it really. College is going fine Im getting at least merits on everything and we've broken up for christmas sooooo yeah.

Comment and chat with me while I try and draw some kid doing yoga.

  • Listening to: Sakura Kiss
  • Reading: Fanfiction
  • Watching: Avatar the last airbender
  • Drinking: DIET COKE


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